I remember when I was very young and all the girls at school were getting pretty and cute slip-on shoes, mum always insisted on a trip to clarks for a pair of properly fitted pair, which on the whole were always more on the practical side of things than beautiful! 

I’d love to say that this made my feet great as I got older, but nope…

They are a little different, or shall I say unique, they are fairly large, between a UK 7.5-8 (EU 41.5 & 42) and have been this size since I was around 11 years old! They are also wide, with a high instep and a small heal (I guess all that early foot care made me aware of my feet, if not actually helping them be healthy!)

Because of my issues, I’ve always had a lot of dry skin on my feet, a chiropodist once told me I walked on my toes instead of the ball of my foot, and would have problems later on in Iife… Hence the mass of dry skin on the bottom of my big toe!

Also with the narrow heal I often get blisters, in new shoes! So even now I still look in envy at the ladies who wear pretty shoes! That’s not too say all my shoes aren’t aesthetically pleasing….   

Anyway that’s a short version of the history of my feet…

So because of this I’m always on the hunt for extra care for my feet. 

I have purchased many different foot files, mainly manual ones as I worry about an electric one! 

However the velvet Scholl Wet & Dry foot pedi is great, I’ve seen the older type from Scholl which I was thinking of purchasing but was very lucky to be sent this one to try out!! 

The older one is a little less snazzy, with this one being a lot more slimline, with the charger.

It’s so simple, it has a fancy USB charger, with plug and along with the pedi which is just two parts the roller and main unit.
On receiving the unit, I plugged it in to charge, this only took a couple of hours and it holds it charge well, having had it for around six months, I’ve charged it maybe 4 times… 
I like the wet and dry feature, I mainly use it dry, but the wet feature is great if you have delicate feet as its more gentle!

It’s great how it has two settings and you can never over file as the unit just stops if you press too hard.
Sometimes I find the rollers a little two delicate, so I got some none official extra corse ones off amazon, (which I reviewed a while back, Click here).
Overall I love this pedi and feel it’s so good on my tired feet, and really helps with the dry skin and makes them look so much better!

I would really recommend it, plus its just so simple to use.
If you would like to purchase, please Click here

Thanks for reading 
Felicity xx

#GotItFree #SchollWowFeet


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