Oops another face mask post, sorry, I’m slightly obsessed… This one is great and specially designed to help with blocked pores, specifically blackheads.

I really like this face mask, as I keep getting blocked pores on my nose and forehead, so I was after something that would help with this, and this face mask does!Its a bit daunting to use initially as its very black and gloppy, looks the like when you see an oil slick on TV!! But don’t let that put you off!
Its actually fairly easy to use, the instructions are in slightly broken english, but just cleanse face as normal and then apply a thin layer (Don’t apply too much, as if it doesn’t dry its difficult to remove!) then wait to dry, it took around 20 mins for me! 

As it really grips hold of your skin, it will slightly pull on any (shh!) face hair, so can pinch a little when removing it, so go slowly.
I was impressed with the results and my skin felt nice and soft after use, I will use weekly! Its a little like the nose pore strips, but you cant really see whats been removed! Which as disgusting as they are, I actually find fascinating! 
If you would like to purchase, or find out more Please click here

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx


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