Over the last few months I have become a lot more concerned about what I use on my body… I try to use more natural or products that contain organic ingredients… As I worry about the effect extra chemicals have on me! 

I have also started to use more oils… I have used a few products from Dead Sea Spa Magik, but hadn’t tried anything from Spa Magik Organiks (which is part of Dead Sea Spa Magik) and couldn’t wait to try out the Sleep Therapy 6 Oil Super Serum. 

The serum is a beauty and well being multi task product, which contains 6 rejuvenating oils to moisturiser, repair and protect.

The serum can be used for many things, for example before moisturiser for extra hydration & deep conditioning, for relaxation when applied to pulse points, as a treatment for inching & flaking in the scalp, for treatment to nails & cuticles and a moisture boost to dry lips! 

I have mainly used it on my pulse points before bed and on my nails… 

The relaxing organic Lavender oil is lovely, it’s not too in your face like sometimes I find lavender can be, it’s like the oil has lavender as part of it and not the other way around (ie this is a lavender product that can be used for lots of things!).

The oil isn’t greasy, it’s lovely and soft and I find it sorelaxing and found it aids my slumber, with a 9 month old, sleep can sometimes be a little bit or miss, with my mind racing all over the place, especially when I’m trying to get back to sleep after a feed but I really find this helps me, I massage a few drops into my pulse points when I climb into bed.

I’ve been using it a few times a day (and night!) for almost a month and still lots left, so expect (hope) it will last a while.

If you would like to find out more or purchase, please Click here

At £17.95 it’s not the cheapest product but as I said it will last a while, plus it has so many uses and I really love using it!

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx

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