This blog is very different to most of the posts that I write, but being a mummy of two little people, I thought I’d share some experiences on products that we love! Also I was sent some pampers baby dry nappies* to try out so thought they would be a good place to start… Edit
Before I had my children I never really gave nappies much thought, to be honest it would be slightly odd if I had!! I had heard of pampers but that was about it! 

When my little ones arrived we put them in pampers new baby to start, and then switched about a bit, switching between either whatever was on offer or which supermarket we were in! 
However as my boys got older and bigger, so did the amount of milk then food they consumed and what goes up… So the nappies I had been using were not really cutting the mustard so to speak!
With lots of promises from different brands that weren’t really met, we had high hopes for pampers baby dry, having been so impressed with the softness and how absorbent they were when we first started our nappy journey… and baby dry are so much better! 
On the packet they state the have magical pods, for up to 12 hours of dryness and who doesn’t like the idea of a bit of magic…

The magical pods aren’t quite as exciting as they sound, but still impressive! They are absorbing channels, which help to distribute wetness evenly to keep babies bum drier.

They also have fast dry layers, feel soft like cotton, are breathable, with absorbent micro pearls.

They also have flexible sides, I’m yet to rip a sticky tag off, when getting my boys ready!

Even though we do sometimes still switch it about for day time but we always use pampers baby dry overnight as they work!
Thank you for reading my review, to find out more Please click here

Felicity xx

* I was sent the nappies from Super Savvy Me they are free to join and often have campaigns to test and try out products for free! 

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