When I think about Christmas, my mind usually wanders to what I should wear to all those festive shindigs, which admittedly isn’t as many gatherings as once was (pre little people!) but I still do love the phrase Christmas drinks…
However I find I don’t really have that much time to get party ready, even when coming straight from work, I’d prefer to spend less time getting ready and more time socialising. 

Nothing says Christmas more to me that a red lip, one that has staying power too, after a few drinks and maybe a kiss under the mistletoe, you don’t want it all over your face or glass, you want it say put!

So I’m going to talk about two different lipsticks, one more budget the other high end, but both luxurious.

First up the cult favourite, Ruby Woo from Mac, four of these are apparently sold every minute, around the world, the shade is a beautiful 1950’s pin up girl red, I love Mac lipsticks as they last well and I find them easy to apply.

I always apply with a brush as if I apply straight from the bullet my mouth usually ends up looking more Jack Nicholson’s Joker than glamorous sex kitten…

Then at the more budget end L’oreal Color Riche Collection Lipstick Blake’s Pure Red, which is almost as good as Mac’s Ruby woo and at £6.99 a real steal!!

Slightly more creamy than Ruby woo, and maybe slightly easier to wear…

The only thing with this lipstick is it can be slightly unforgiving.

So use a soft tooth brush to gently prep my lips, I do this before bed and then pop on some lip balm! 

Don’t be too rough with the tooth brush, you don’t want to make your lips worse!! It’s to gently remove any flaking skin, so this may take a few goes/days.

After that I’m good to go and party ready…

Thanks for reading…

Felicity xx


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