Welcome to day 4 of Blogmas and today, I’m writing about my top five Christmas films… These are films I could watch again and again, and most probably have…
I love Christmas and watching Christmas films is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas time! I love  getting the popcorn in and relaxing on the sofa and putting a film on and these are a few that I love…
5- Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

You maybe familiar with the story but not this version! I do love the 1994 version with good ol’ Dickie Attenborough, but this version from 1947 is far better, it was also one of my dad’s favourite films, so as a child we were always hoping it would be on TV but it usually wasn’t!! 

However we had a very old taped off TV VHS that didn’t have the beginning, which we all used to watch on Christmas Eve!

It tells the story of a department store Santa who actually maybe the man himself.

4- Home Alone (1990)

Who doesn’t love this 1990’s classic, starting Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister , who gets left Home Alone over Christmas, and gets up to lots of mischief! I was a huge fan of this film back in the day, mainly because I loved John Candy, check him out if your not familiar with him as he is in some of the funniest films of the 1980’s! 

3- Die Hard (1989)

Not actually a Christmas film, but set at Christmas time and who doesn’t love Bruce Willis running around in a vest shouting “Welcome to the party pal…”

John McClane (BW) a New York cop and his wife are living apart and on Christmas Eve, John flys in to be with his family (they also have a few martial issues!) he then has to get involved in a explosion situation! It also stars the amazing Alan Rickman! It’s an great film and one we always watch when it’s on TV!

2- It’s a wonderful life (1947)

Another classic, with Jimmy Steward, who thinks he has nothing left to live for, after a series of bad setbacks, but then a mystical visitor shows him this isn’t the case. 

I expect most people know the plot by may not have actually watched the whole film, it’s a real tear jerker. 

I love it, “attaboy clarence”

1- Santa Claus The Movie (1985)

Ok this was one of the biggest flops (or turkeys) of all time, but I love it. The story of how Santa became Santa, with an amazing cast including Dudly Moore and John lithgow! Even if you don’t like the film the opening sequence is one of the most magical sequence in any Christmas film…

I can actually still quote the start of the film now, as I used to watch it all the time as a child! I even had the book! 

Thanks for reading, have you any favourite Christmas movies? 

I would love to hear which ones you like best…

Felicity xx

* film pictures all from the internet! 


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