I love doing my nails, over the years I have collected far, far too many varnishes and then I discovered Gel manicures (Which I absolutely loved!) I didn’t however love the cost, so I decided to treat myself to my own UV lamp, I went for the Mylee lamp, which is great, bigger than the ones I’ve seen before, but a very good buy and easy to use.

I’ve had it for over six months and no issues or problems to report.

To start with I decided on my colours, I knew I wanted to use a glitter polish and having played around with my colours in the past I find that it’s best to put a glitter on top of another colour, to give it a little more depth.

I start by shaping my nails and pushing back the cuticles. I then run a nail polish remover over my nails to get rid of any dirt or colour/nail polish.

I then use a a Prep & Shine (also from Mylee) wipe on every nail on one hand, then base coat from Elite 99 followed by one coat of colour, two coats of the glitter, a top coat and then a (Prep + Shine) wipe to remove any residue and a finally a nail oil.

I then do the same again on the other hand.

I’ve found that it lasts around 10 days, which is fine as I’m always a little bored with the same nail colour by this point anyway.

I use a selection of Elite 99 Gel Polish which I purchased from Amazon.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading .

Felicity xx


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