Today I’m going to talk about candles and I don’t think you can get anything more Christmassy than candles. However I will light a candle in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter!!

I have to say that I do like a Yankee Candle most of all, as I find that they burn well and evenly!  The best ones that I find the best are either the medium or large jar candles as sometimes I find the smaller candles don’t really have that much of an aroma when lit!

I sometimes find with candles, you pick one up in a shop have a quick smell, it smells amazing… You get it home, light it wait for the aroma to take hold, and you wait and wait, you even go out of the room and come back in and nothing, it’s so disappointing however on the whole I don’t find this with Yankee.

A couple of my favourites from Yankee with a Christmas edge are… 

Peppermint Swirls, smells as you would imagine sweet and minty, but not too much! I actually ended up getting a few of these in the sale after Christmas last year and they were lovely and fresh in January too! 

I don’t think you can get this one any more, but if you see it get it!! Candy cane lane is very similar, but not as pepperminty in my opinion!  

Christmas Cookie again another sweet smell, but not sickly or too much… I really love this one! 

Christmas Garland, I love this one, it’s a little heavier than the other two but also has a lovely pine warming aroma too! 

However my favourite candle is Pink Sands, which certainly isn’t a Christmas scent, but I do love it!! It’s sweet and smells of vanilla.

Do you have any favourites? I would love to hear if you do…

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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