Since we had little people, we have taken them to see Santa each year. 

It’s truly magical taking them to see the jolly ‘ol Saint Nick… It usually takes me back to my childhood and the excitement that I used to have during a visit! I can’t really remember a specific visit but I do remember the feelings of joy and happiness and when Christmas finally arrived!

We have taken our boys to a few different places, the first two trips were at large garden centres and the one this year was at a stately home.

Each experience was great for different reasons, and here are a few tips…

Book early, as the popular ones sell out quickly… Luckily we have a bit of flexibility at the moment as my children aren’t at school yet, but even so the popular dates and times still went very quick.

Remember little people get bored quickly… You may like to experience everything and re-live your childhood Santa experience, but it maybe a quick oh “hello Santa” “bye Santa” have lots of snacks, iPad/iPhone, small toy etc. To keep them entertained.

On a side note wifi might be a bit hit and miss if you are visiting a garden centre, so if you’re hoping to stream that episode of Peppa pig maybe have something else in hand!

Trips to shopping centres/Malls can also be fun too! As the Santa grottos are usually smaller, so (in theory) less waiting around and more getting on with it… Also no need for getting cold or muddy outside! However they can be just as magical!

Take a camera with you, some venues let you take photos, others don’t, they want you to spend on the official photos…

Also children (Especially when very little!) can get scared and not react the way you’d hope. So don’t get upset if you’re child bursts into tears, at first site of Santa, this is very common and the staff at the venue will have experience this before! 

Overall I love taking my boys to see santa, it’s wonderful when they start to recognise the big man! It’s the best feeling ever!

These are a few photos from the last few years…

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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