A few days ago I posted how I do a glittery gel Christmassy nail, and today I’m going old school and talking about a non-gel nail manicure.

I love this look, it’s simple yet also effective! I love glitter and feel that it’s perfect for this time of year.

To achieve this little look, its important to start which a good base. I start by running nail polish remover over my nails and then shape, then once more run the remover over my nails, to get rid of any dirt/ residue.

I use a simple base coat, leave to dry for at least 15 minutes, this is important if you want the manicure to last, if you don’t you’re nails will chip much quicker.

I then apply two coats of colour, for this manicure I use Revlon, Nail Enamel/Vernis in Valentine (730) again leave to dry thoroughly and then apply another coat, again leave to dry and apply the glitter, I use Starlight (439) from Barry M, which is the best glitter polish I have ever tried, unlike most glitters you don’t need hundreds of coats to get a good result, I use one, you can use two if you want more of an impact but one does the job!

Unfortunately this polish was a limited edition from a couple of years ago, so maybe difficult to get hold of, however Barry M, do lots of other fab glitter polishes, Click here for more info! 

I expect you may know what I’ll say next but let dry and then finally finish with a top coat. I used Leighton Denny, Crystal Finish Top coat, to give a bit more oomph! 

Overall I love this look, hope you do too! Do you have a special look for Christmas? 

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx 


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