This Blogmas post is about hair care! As I feel that if my hair looks good I feel so much more confident! 

At this time of year my hair doesn’t always look or feel it’s best, with the impractical  (drizzle, cold, warm!) weather and air conditioning.  Also all the social events (late nights and over indulgence) which can leave an impact on my hair!

So it can look a bit limp and frizzy, so anything which can help with this is always good thing in my book! 

I also often get greasy roots and because of this I wash my hair more, thus the ends of my hair become dry! As I have long hair this is a real issue for me and I like it to look it’s best.

Luckily L’Oreal Elvive have developed a range with this in mind, Extraordinary Clay.

With a fabulous pre-shampoo clay mask, shampoo & conditioner, in the range.

The clay mask is applied to the roots, and left on for around 5 minutes, this mask absorbs excess oil and impurities.

Do bear in mind the mask does make you look like an extra from Avatar! As the mask is a blue/green colour. It also can stain fingers a bit, if your not careful, so wash hands quickly and carefully afterwards!

However after use my hair/head did feel very refreshed and it is a great base to start with when using the shampoo & conditioner, which are super easy to use. They both can be used with with or without the mask and like the mask are very refreshing.

My hair feels lovely and soft after use and really looks and feels a lot better.

Thanks for reading and for more info, Please click here

Felicity xx


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