If you have read some of my other Blogmas posts you may have worked out that I’m a big fan of nail polish, I also love anything  sparkly and glittery and as its Christmas I love a glittery nail! What I don’t love however is how difficult it is to remove the glittery polish.

This is the best way, that I have found to remove glittery polish.

I gather the following items together, kitchen foil, nail varnish remover, Cotton wool and scissors.

Cut a strip of foil and cut into around 2″x2″ and apply the nail polish remover to the cotton wool and sandwich the cotton wool, foil with your finger nail. 

Wrap the foil fairly snugly around the top of your finger and leave for around 10 minutes and remove the foil/cotton wool sandwich slowly, some polish may have come off onto the cotton wool, use the remaining polish on the cotton wool, it should still be moist, if you have wrapped it snugly. 

I do one hand, wait for polish to be removed then do the other hand!

Your nails may feel/look a little dry afterwards so if you have a nail oil or even a hand cream apply and leave.

This is also the way I remove gel nail polish too, but the removal takes a little longer.

Thanks for readin, nails are now ready for another manicure! 

Felicity xx


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