If your reading this post you might already be familiar with The Orchard at Tesco, which is an amazing review programme that is obviously run with the supermarket Tesco.

It’s free to join and also very simple, once signed up you answer a few questions about you and your family and you are sent campaigns, if you match products that need to be tired and tested from Tesco. 

Over Christmas I was luckily selected to try out some fab cakes!

I was sent vouchers and then I could choose either in-store or online a few cakes for all the entertaining that we were having over Christmas!


It was actually very difficult to choose just a few items, as the selection is huge! 

As we were doing our big Christmas shop from Tescos online, we picked our items online!

As its Christmas we had to go for Mince Pies, prefect for any unexpected visitors or just to have with a cup of tea! 

Plus on Christmas Eve we always put one out for Santa! 

The mince pies we had were from Tescos finest, they had a real festive flavour.

Next up we had a salted caramel bomb for two, which was a lovely treat once the kids were in bed, also from Tescos finest range.

We then got a chocolate log, a perfect Christmas cake for anyone who doesn’t like the heaviness of the traditional Christmas cake! When we served the log we added yummy double cream!

The cakes that we choose were a lovely selection of treats for my friends and family, thanks to the orchard at Tesco.

Will certainly be picking up a few more treats during the rest of the year! Maybe not the mince pies though! 

If you’d like to join up, please feel free to use my Link

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx    

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