Over the last month or so I have been try out a shampoo from Head & Shoulders, with the tag line “For beautifully soft, flake-free hair”. What’s not to love about that!

Its so important to make sure that your scalp is well looked after and according research, 80% of us, neglect our scalps completely. We chose a shampoo that perfect for our hair type, or in a pretty bottle or on offer (or all three!) but often don’t think about our scalps, I know I don’t!

Its only when my head feels bit uncomfortable or I get dandruff I even give it a second thought and then I usually reach from something medical that can help with this, I didn’t even think it was possible to get a shampoo that would make my hair look and feel good too.

However Head & Shoulders have spent the last 10 years perfecting a formula that not only cares from dry and uncomfortable scalps but also makes hair look good too!

Like when we cleanse, protect and moisturise our faces, Head & shoulders 3Action formula does the same to our scalps. The formula  provides a rich lather that’s not only indulgent but also removes the flakes. The formula also offers long lasting dandruff removal targeting the cause of the dandruff flakes and the moisturiser leaves both the scalp and hair fibres looking and feeling great.

I’ve loved trying out this shampoo and so has my family and friends, we love that it doesn’t smell medical but it works. Its also gentle on hair, so you can wash hair daily and it doesn’t strip hair of natural oils.

I would certainly pick this shampoo up again! If you would like more information or to purchase, then please click here

Thanks so much for reading

Felicity xx


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