Wow, I can’t believe it’s already time for my next glossybox and I’m very happy!

April’s box was aimed at anyone who is short on time, which I pretty much always am… So I hoped it would be full of items perfect for me and I wasn’t disappointed!

First up, from Merci Handy – Love and Hand Cleansing Gel in Flower Power RRP £2.90 (for full size)) which this one was))

I’m familiar with the brand, having tried a few things from them in the past and this hand gel is great! A cute little container, perfect to slip in a bag to keep hands nice and fresh. 

The gel also has tiny blue pearls that burst on application and give hands an extra boost! 

It’s a pretty pink colour and smells lovely too, and leaves hands smelling sweet too, I really like it and would get again.

ModelCo – Contour Stick RRP £17 (for full size)) which this was isn’t))

I’ve never really got into the whole contouring Shebang, I have a kit and yes I can see how well it works but it just seems to take so long and I find it a bit too complicated! Which is the last thing I want…

So I was a bit dubious about this item, however I have to say it’s very easy to use and blends in very well. The formula is lovely and buttery soft too.

Being very pale I wondered if the colour would be too dark! (It looked like it would be!) however it wasn’t! I was very presently surprised. 

However saying all that, let’s see if I keep using it…

Rodial – Glamolash Mascara XXL RRP £24 (for full size)) which this was isn’t))

I love Rodial products, having been converted years ago by the skincare products, however I’ve only recently started to try out the makeup range. So I don’t have much of an opinion on the make up yet, but I have been impressed with what I’ve tried and I have to say this mascara is great,didn’t  clump but offers amazing results.

It’s a little gloopy on application but this didn’t make it difficult to apply and results are good.

(Photos after use, sorry the colours are so different, not sure what happened…)

I also wear contact lens and have sensitive eyes and this mascara was fine, will think about repurchasing when finished this one.

SportFX – Shape Up Brow Pencil RRP £7.99 90 (for full size)) which this one was))

I’d never heard of this brand before but as… My Name is Felicity and I over plucked my eyebrows when I was younger… I’m always on the hunt for eyebrow products that work and also one that will replace my favourite from Mac that has been discontinued (which I’m currently making my way though of my big stock pile!)

This one is super easy to use, came in blonde so worked for my colouring and and I loved that it had a brush on one end too. 

Lasted well, but very easy to make touch ups too, plus it’s fairly affordable.

Elgon – Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner RRP £14.95 90 (for full size)) which this one isn’t))

I’ve wanted to try one of these cleansing conditioners for a while, as they are a shampoo/conditioner hybrid.

First impressions are good, loved the packaging and smell. However I found it a little more difficult to use than a standard shampoo as it didn’t really lather up like a shampoo would!

My hair did feel lovely and soft and clean but think I’ll need to use a few more times, so will update when I have.

Overall I was happy with this box, but (and as much as I loved the eyebrow product, from Sport FX) I got an eyebrow product in the December box so think it was a little too soon to have another.

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Thanks so much for reading!
Felicity xx


5 thoughts on “Glossybox – April 2017

  1. I’m equally unsure about the Deliwash! My hair feels nice enough afterwards, but I was unsure whether I’d spread it enough about my hair (which is very long and thick) and I’ll reserve judgement until later in the day whether it gives as good a result as separates (particularly as I tend to use a lot of conditioner usually)
    I didn’t get the brow brush thing. I got a double ended (one brown, one black) wind-up eyeliner pencil which I do like a lot.
    Haven’t tried the mascara (or hand sanitiser) yet and am terrified of the contouring pencil! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t used it (the Deliwash) a second time yet, so I’m reserving judgement still.
        The eyeliner pencil is pretty good. Nothing special but handy to have two colours in one (not as good for long-lasting as the ModelCo crayon liner I got in my Birchbox this month though)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, I’ve used the Deliwash for a second time now (and with my long, thick hair, that has emptied the package!)
        I think I’d tend to use more of it, purely because I can’t gauge by “foam” whether I have covered the hair enough.
        The result is OK. As good as my usual shampoo/conditioner routine, and it IS nice to only have to do one step, but I could use any 2-in-1 for that. I’m not sure I’d switch to it permanently.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sorry, only just saw this! Totally agree! The second time I used it I didn’t use enough, so my hair ended up looking a bit greasy, as like you know idea on how much to use! I liked it and it was nice to try but wouldn’t switch!


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