Now I love my pale skin, I haven’t always!  But over the years I have grown to appreciate my alabaster tones…

But who doesn’t love the idea of looking golden brown, all year long….

I have tried and failed to get this golden Goddess look naturally but alas with my colouring it isn’t possible, well not safely! We won’t talk about the teenage pink lobster years….

So I now fake it and really rate St. Tropez products and I was very lucky to be sent a Sheet Mask, (yes a Sheet mask, another of my favourite beauty products) to try out. 

These masks come in a pack of two and are around £10 for the pack.

They are very easy to use, after cleansing your face, open the pack, apply, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles and sit back and relax.

The tanning effect will be stronger depending on how long it’s left on for, from 5-15 minutes (Light -Dark tanning effect!) 

I did worry that, as the Mask went  over my eyebrows and hair line, I would end up with a very odd result but no need to worry at all, as this is fine. 

Also another worry (Anyone else a natural born worrier!) as I wear contacts I had concerns about getting the product in my eyes and it being painful but this was fine, however it maybe more sensible to remove contact lenses, however if I did this I wouldn’t be able to see a thing…

After leaving the Mask on for the desired about of time, I removed and lightly massaged the serum in, including neck, Décolletage, and eye area. 

Then wash hands and dispose of the Mask/packaging.

As I’m so pale I didn’t leave the Mask on for too long, but I felt that my skin had a lovely golden tint after just five minutes, maybe I will try it for longer next time, to see if it leaves more of an impact!

It does have that slight fake tan smell, which I don’t mind too much but the application is so simple I would try the Bronzing sheet masks again. 

I did however find it a little difficult to smooth the Mask out on my face and did have a few air bubbles/creases, however this didn’t give me an uneven tanning effect! 

For more information or to purchase Please click here

Thanks for reading!

Felicity xx


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