A little later than normal, sorry!  However as they say better late than never… 

This months box had six products and an exclusive sample of blogger Louise Pentland new book, so seven items in all…

I did find this months box interesting but also a little lacking… 

 I’ll start with my favourite item!

Batiste- Stylist Shield My Locks Heat & Shine Spray 200ml RRP £4.49

Now I’m a big fan of batiste dry shampoo, I’ve tried so many different brands but always hop back to them for my between washes needs!

I’ve never tried anything other than dry shampoo from them, but I have to say I’m very impressed with this spray and feel that my hair looks and feels better since I’ve been using it and would get again!


I’d never heard of this brand before and I was fairly impressed with this liquid glow, and it’s fairly easy to apply!

My skin did look lovely and dewy after use but the product is a little on the runny side and for the cost I don’t think I’d repurchase.

ENESS COSMETICS – Argan Oil Noursing Hand Cream RRP £6.50

Again a brand I wasn’t familiar with but I was super excited to try! I love argan Oil and its effects and I was very pleased with this cream.

It had a lovely light scent and was very effective and moisturising. Easy to use, in so far that it didn’t take an age to rub in and wasn’t greasy! 

SLEEK MAKEUP – Power Plump Lip Crayon RRP £5.50

Now for a brand I am familiar with! I’ve had a few Sleek Make Up products and have always been impressed!

However when I first tried this I didn’t read the description and couldn’t understand why my lips were slightly tingling and thought that wouldn’t be able to use this lip crayon! 

I later found out that the lip product has lip tingling ingredients than makes lips look fuller!

It was very easy to use and a fairly natural colour so a great addition to the box!

111 SKIN – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel RRP £110

This was a lovely eye gel and I found it very easy to apply as it absorbs quickly, with no nasty residue!  

However I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference yet, and for its cost I don’t think I’d get it again!

BEAUTY PRO -Black Diamond RRP £4.95

Now I’ve not heard of this brand before but I have tried these black peel off masks before and not really been too much of a fan! 

To be honest I haven’t actually tried this one yet, I will update when I have!

Finally I liked the sample of Wild Like Me from Louise Pentland, but not sure I’ll rush to get the book when it comes out!

Overall I thought this’s months box was ok, but I was hoping for a little more!

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Thanks so much for reading my review! 
Felicity xx


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