Let me just start this post by say that I’m a big big fan of E45 products, it was one of my go too ranges when I was pregnant as I was keen on using unscented products and E45 was a brand that was both easy to find,  very affordable and one I trusted!

My little boys DON’T have hugely sensitive skin but they are both prone to dry and itchy patches, so I wondered if this Bath Milk would help with that! 

The foaming bath milk is mild enough to use on children over 12 months and perfect for children (or anyone!) with sensitive skin! 

It can also be used daily and as we throw (not actually throw…) our children into the tub almost every night this is perfect for us.

I’ve found in the past, that bath products generally don’t make bubbles when the are aimed at sensitive skin so I was looking forward to seeing if this one actually made bubbles or not!! I’m very happy to report that it does!! Yay!! 

The formula separates into the soft cream and gentle milk in the bottle, so its important to shake well before adding to the running water as otherwise you won’t get any bubbles…

Like most bath milks it’s like cows milk so like runny liquid, so do watch carfully when adding the milk to the bath water, otherwise you may end up addymore than intended!

It’s scent free to so no over powering scents to worry about, especially if your little one has any reactions to different scents.

No nasty residue left around the bath tub either… 

The only thing about the milk is the water does look a little dirty very quickly, I think this is just because it’s a cream and not a gel! Or maybe more boys are just grubby!! 

Also yes, you do get bubbles but not as many as you would with a standard bubble bath, but we had enough to entertain the boys! 

It’s also Soap free, Hypoallergenic, colour free, dermatologically tested, scent free and non greasy! 

I liked using this product and think that both my boys skins have been less itchy since we strayed using it!

I purchased my bottle from boots, link here

But it’s also available in many different shops and online!

For more info from E45, please Click here

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx


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