This is a change to my usual post! As some of you may know I’m a mama to two little boys, my oldest Son is 3 and my youngest is almost 18 months!

We have had a long and interesting journey with the feeding of our boys, which started with just breastfeeding then moved on to a combination of formula and then just formula along with weening them on to proper food…

It’s so difficult to work out what’s right for you and yours but I’ve always gone by the Fed is Best mantra and it’s nobody business but yours… I would also never dream of thinking or saying what worked for me, should work for you, as babies and toddlers are individuals so one size does not fit all, so to speak! 

However and the reason for this post, I was sent some samples of SMA toddler milk to try out with my little boy.

We have always used SMA, for me I loved the online support and I found SMA to be a brand I trusted and the main thing was that milk worked for us and it was also easily available. 

Obviously other baby milks are available but for us SMA was the best fit!

Once baby (or at this point Toddler!) is a one year old you can switch to toddler milk, we were a little late to the party as my boy was happy with the follow on milk and I didn’t want to rock the boat, so we left it a little longer until we switched.

Once we did this, the Transition was fine, no nasty tummies or any other irritations.

If the milk tasted any different my boy didn’t seem to notice!

He had two bottles a day, with 2x 200ml serving of the toddler milk providing 108% of the RI for Vitamin D. 

For us it’s worked and is working well for our little boy until we switch totally to cows milk.

If you would like more information, please click here

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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