I was very excited to receive this months GlossyBox, which was full of products for Summer. 

The box was beautifully presented, my favourite design for a while!

A dark pink with Hello Summer printed on the top of the box in gold, it’s lovely!

For anyone unfamiliar with Glossybox, it’s a monthly subscription beauty box, with five beauty products, some full sized, some smaller, some well know brands and also some new discoveries!
Back to the contents of the box… I’d seen a few sneaky peaks so was really looking forward to this months box!

The Spectrum, A10 Fan Brush, was something I was really looking forward to trying out!

Again the ascetic of this brush are beautiful? An amazing colour combo too!!

The brush is very soft and also easy to use, I’m impressed and can’t wait to continue to try this one out! RRP/£4.99

Next up, from Cute Balms, this Macroon Tinted Balm in Crushed Berry.

Now I’m not short on lip balms, but you can never have too many, right!!??

This brand I wasn’t familiar with but I love, love the packaging and design (It actually looks like a Macroon and one that would even impress Mary Berry!!) 

The blam has a dark pink tint and a sweet scent. It’s lovely and I would love to try more from this brand. RRP/£5.99

Now I’m also always loosing hair bands, and with long hair they are an essential item to have in plentiful supply, so the the big Spiral hair bands from Papanga are great. 

The pack came with two bands, I got a clear and black one. The bands don’t cause the hair to kink and they also keep there shape so a very useful addition. RRP/£4.99

The MONUspa Soothing aftersun is lovely, very um… Soothing and great for skin that has been out in the sun all day and in need of an extra little TLC, it’s also only slightly smaller than the full sized product so a great amount of product too! RRP/£19.95

I’d read a lot about the Banana Setting power, but never tried one before… it’s very easy to use. Just dust on after applying make up and leave to set, then dust off, I’m really enjoying this one. RRP/£25.00

Overall this box was lovely, but I’m actually taking a break from Glossybox. I just have so many products and I started 2017 by saying I wanted to use up my collection or at least buy less so that’s what I’m hoping to do with the rest of 2017, let’s see how I get on.

If you would like to try Glossybox, and save £5 on this box (July), please use my referral code, click here

Thanks so much for reading

Felicity xxx


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