As it's almost August and the summer holidays are in full swing (for children!!) I thought I'd pop together a post on books we are loving at the moment!

Both my boys (almost 18 months & 3 years old) have always loved books, even if it was just chomping down on one and pushing it across the floor, they have loved looking, playing and now reading books.

I do also have to mention we are big fans of the library and we often get out a few books (two from this post are actually Library books) we have also over the years (all three of them!!) been given books from friends and family, again also a few of the books in this post have been gifts or gifted to us second hand, so some of these books maybe a couple of years old!

First up and a hit with both my boys, especially my younger son is My First – Word – from DK.

This book is great for little hands as it's smaller in size and also a board book, so much more durable.
The book has lots of pictures, with the words underneath of what they are and each two pages have a different theme, i.e. "All about me" hair, nose, ear, eye etc. "Food" apples, toast, cake etc. Plus Two pages with basic "counting" at the back.

A lovely little book that we actually got in a set but wonderful for little ones.
The version of the book we have has been updated, click here for the new version.

Next up from the Ladybird Learns series Things That Go. Again a board book with pages that you can easily wipe clean.

This book is great for both boys, with lots of fun pictures of things that go i.e. Cars, trains etc. And text asking questions about the things that go, which my 3 year old especially loves.
It's a great book for showing different colours and fun pictures of things that go. For more info or to purchase, please click here.

I mainly picked up My-Soft-and-cuddly Animals, by Xavier Deneux as the author has the same first name as my little boy and it also looks very cute with different textures for little fingers.

Each page has a different animal in different textures, rubbery/fluffy etc. The pictures are also in black and white so a perfect book for very young babies.
I really wish I'd discovered this book when my boys were younger!
For more info or to purchase, please Click here.

Nighty Night by Colin McNaughtin about a dinosaur (littlesaurus) who doesn't want to go to bed!
Great for my little boy, it might give older children too many pointers about excuses of not wanting to go to bed, but let's see!!!

It's a new favourite of my 3 year olds, who loves to read it to me, as a lots of the words are No… Which he loves reading out loud!! For more information, or to purchase, please Click here.

Finally an old favourite which both my boys have loved for sometime, from the creators of The Gruffalo Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, Tabby McTat.

Telling the tale of Tabby McTat the buskers cat, who manages to lose his owner and find a new home but never really forgets his old life and goes on the hunt to find him.

It has the same lovely images that The Gruffalo & Stickman have and it's a lovely easy read, with rhyming words. One that my boys love having read to them. For more information or to purchase, please Click here.

These are the books that we are reading at the moment, have you any that you love, or any that you don't really like, we would love to know!

Thanks for reading my post!

Felicity xx


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