I was very lucky to be sent over a few Sanctuary Spa products to review for both the face and body a few weeks ago and having used them for the last couple of weeks, I thought I would share my thoughts.


Sanctuary Spa Protect & Illuminate Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (75ml)

I’m not usually one for only using one product, and my bathroom shelves would agree with this statement!  However as I have a busy life (like we all do!) my mornings pass by at lightning speed, “did I actually have breakfast”! So on those mornings I have to streamline my skin care routine!
This lotion is amazing for that, its a brilliant base/primmer for make up, also quick drying and non-greasy. I also like how it has a SPF 15, shame its not a little higher, but its enough as as long as I’m not in the sun for a long part of the day!
My skin looks fresher and more illuminated after use, its a great glowy look, not glittery!
I would recommend this to either someone who doesn’t use much skincare or anyone who is in a rush in the mornings.
Its also perfect, to pop on post work out too. The scent is lovely and zingy, slightly citrusy, so it makes me feel like I’m in a tuscan village for when i’m applying it for a few moments in the morning…

Sanctuary Spa Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum (30ml)

I love how natural and gentle this wonder oil/serum is. The scent is fairly striking, quite citrusy, which does last a little while. 
The product needs to be shaken before use, to receive the full benefits to the skin.
If I use this on its own, I didn’t feel it made a massive difference to my skin, but adding it to my facial moisturiser, it really gave my skin an extra moisture boost.
I did like it, but not enough to repurchase. I also found the poppet didn’t really suck up (technical term!) enough of the product, so I had to keep putting the poppet back in the container and it could be a little messy to use too.

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Relaxing Night Body Butter (300ml)

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Drift-Off Bath Soak (500ml)

I’m not a massive bath fan, I much prefer a shower, but baths on the whole do make me feel more relaxed.
By adding a little of this bath soak to my tub makes me feel so much more at ease. My skin also feels lovely and moisturised too! It really helps me unwind and fall asleep quicker, a much needed addition to my life!
For more information, please do have a look on Sanctuary Spa
Thanks so much for reading.
*I was sent these products for free to review.

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